Microfiber Leather And Pu Leather How To Distinguish?

- May 26, 2018 -

PU artificial leather, PU synthetic leather (including microfiber synthetic leather) are similar in appearance to PU coating. Microfiber PU leather touch or wear is closer to genuine leather products, and has the inherent moisture absorption and breathability of natural leather.

Classification by coating material and substrate material:

PU artificial leather (referred to as PU leather): It uses polyurethane resin as coating material, and uses traditional fabrics as various substrates;

PU synthetic leather (referred to as synthetic leather): Polyurethane resin as a coating material, non-woven fabrics as a base, such as microfiber PU leather, dry film leather and wet leather transfer film;

Microfiber PU leather (Microfiber-reinforced PU leather): Polyurethanes with an open-cell (micropore) structure are filled materials, and nylon bundles are used as a base fabric.

Dry film and wet film transfer leather: Polyurethane resin as coating material, bovine second layer leather as the substrate.


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