Modified Car Seat Can Effectively Play A Shock And Noise Reduction Effect?

- Jun 22, 2018 -

Before motor vehicles are refitted, they must fill in a motor vehicle registration registration application form, submit the identity certificate and photocopy of motor vehicle owner and agent, motor vehicle registration certificate, and motor vehicle driving license to the local vehicle management agency. To carry out the inspection, it is also necessary to renew the new driving permit. The process is relatively tedious and makes some owners who are determined to change their minds resign. “Recently, it has obviously felt that business is much better.” The owner of Chongqing Gaotangtang, located on Nanbin Road, said that he had to change the appearance of the color in order to record. Otherwise, he would have to change it every year at the time of the annual inspection, so that many customers who want to change their color have concerns. . It is now a 6-year inspection, and the registration is also relaxed. Customers only need to select their favorite color.

Modified into a normalized, no need to secretly refit, and now people are car enthusiasts, whether car enthusiasts, or ordinary owners are very fond of, interior modification, exterior modification, power wheel modification, different parts of the modification has different functions, Not only is the aesthetics improved, it is also improved in performance. It is more convenient for us to live. Take the car exhaust pipe modification, there are different effects, let us look at the next. It is inevitable that some driving noises will be heard during driving, which makes us very inconvenient in driving. For the owners, these sounds make us very uncomfortable driving. Considering installing an automobile exhaust pipe, we can effectively reduce shocks. The effect of noise reduction, and can extend the life of the exhaust muffler system, which is why many owners have chosen to increase the car exhaust pipe.

When we are driving a turbocharged vehicle, it is best to let the engine run for 3-5 minutes at idle before stalling. If you think this action is a bit time consuming, then it is recommended that you install a delayed extinguishing device to allow this timing. The device performs this 3-5 minute work for you. In general, the installation of a delay-extinguishing device does not have any adverse effect on the line of the vehicle itself, and the price of 1,000 to 3,000 yuan is within the range that the average person can afford. In addition to the delayed stall device, there is a good modification of the turbocharged vehicle is the pressure relief valve. Usually the pressure relief valve can be divided into two kinds: intake pressure relief and exhaust pressure relief. The exhaust pressure relief valve is mostly used on high-powered vehicles, and the price is also higher. Here, we refer to the pressure relief valve. Specifically refers to the intake pressure relief valve. When the turbine is actuated, internal pressure will be extremely high. Although the turbine body has a hole for releasing high-pressure gas, it is still insufficient in the face of continuous supercharging, and the high-pressure gas can be quickly released by the pressure relief valve. To facilitate the next booster action.


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