Modified Car Seat Is To Find Their Own Personality Color And Style

- Jun 22, 2018 -

Sitting in the car after exposure to the modified car seat was like sitting in a sauna. It was hot and stuffy, especially if the seat was an oven and it sat on the floor. It takes a long time to cool the air conditioner even if it is the maximum. If it is a weaving seat, then the taste of “barbecue” will be felt for a longer period of time. The longer you sit, the hotter it feels. In leather seats, this phenomenon is well contained and it can absorb heat well without the feeling of getting hotter longer. High-grade leather seats allow the car to have a good psychological sensation on the visual, tactile and even on the palate, and it can add a lot to the car. The fabric of the car seat is leather, and the leather is divided into buffalo leather, yellow leather and composite leather. Among them, yellow leather is the best. General leather can be divided into several layers, the outermost layer is called the first layer of skin, texture is the best, stretch-resistant and breathable; followed by two layers of leather, poor flexibility, and easy to paint, make car seats generally Will use the first layer of skin. Converting a fabric seat into a leather seat will allow ordinary cars to achieve interior effects comparable to those of luxury cars, and the money spent will be much cheaper than buying a luxury car. This will not only improve the "grade" of the car. , but also make yourself very "face." Modified leather seats are not sloppy, comfort, aesthetics, the level of price are all things that owners need to consider in advance, and we can tell you about some leather seat selection methods. With the universality of automobiles, many enthusiasts and car owners are increasingly demanding modifications of automobiles, which involves the modification of car leather seats. If your car's original factory is not equipped with leather seats, then it will involve a modification, the leather seat conversion industry is very prosperous in the country, and even some owners of the original leather seats have to be improved, it seems Just for a grade increase, or for their own personality color and style. In fact, the use of leather seats in automobiles has many advantages. At the same time, it also requires regular maintenance. A set of good leather car seats with careful protection can accompany the car from beginning to end.


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