Not All Car Seats Have This Tag? Some Car Owners Must Pay Attention!

- Sep 08, 2018 -

After buying a car, do you have to carefully observe every detail of your car interior? Along with the car configuration upgrade, many hidden "tags" are not easy to find, but they are safe!


Can you have this label on your car seat? Still has been completely ignored by you? You might say: "It's not a label, what can be noticed." Then you are very wrong, and rely on it to save lives in times of danger. AIRBAG is the hallmark of the "side airbag".

Many car owners will buy a lot of equipment for the car after buying a new car. For example, the summer padding pad will be used for winter padding... However, this will seriously affect the side airbag.


The important role of side airbags

The side airbag of the car is installed on the side of the seat. When the vehicle collides, the side airbag is opened, which can isolate the body from hard objects such as the door, thereby reducing the damage caused by the side impact. Most models will be equipped with side airbags in the front two seats, and high-end models will generally be available in the rear seats.


Side collision fatality rate is as high as 67%

In the United States, an average of 8,000 drivers die each year from side collisions. Of the 24,000 seriously injured people, about 67% are due to side collisions of cars with cars. Road traffic in China is complicated and it is more prone to side collisions of vehicles. And it has been counted in China that the rate of injury caused by side collisions is higher than that of frontal collisions, reaching 62.6%. The role of the side airbags is self-evident.

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