Passenger Car Seat Market Size Status And Development Trend

- May 10, 2018 -

The car seat is a riding facility that provides the occupant with a complete decoration and is integrated with or separate from the vehicle. The seats assembly includes a headrest, a backrest, a seat cushion, an adjustment device, and a connector. Among them, the adjustment device also includes height adjustment, slide, recliner and seat cushion rake adjustment. As the car seat is based on ergonomics, it functions as a bearing, positioning, and protection. It is an important functional part of the car. The design of the car seat directly affects the safety and comfort of the ride, as well as the interior Sense of perception, occupies an important position in the overall security technology of the host.

  • Customized Two Three Four Seats Per Row
  • Crane Operator Seat Height Adjustable Folding Chair
  • Portable Folding Child Dinner Chair Table
  • Stainless Steel Ocean Bouncy Boat Bench Seat with Armrest
  • ISRI High Quality Driver Seat with Recliner Air Suspension for School Bus Coach
  • Air Suspension Mechanism Adjustment Driver Seat with ECE Safty Certification in USA ,EU for Kinglong Higher Golden Dragon Ak Coach Bus

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