Passenger Seat Manufacturers Skeleton Production Innovation

- Jun 22, 2018 -

The rapid development of technology in automotive seat manufacturers has driven the rapid development of China's automotive industry. The production of our automotive vehicles is basically mass production of small parts and assembly of small parts into products. The production line usually adopts specialized machining tools to process small parts and assembly lines. It requires high production efficiency and stable production quality. Our car seat skeleton is a seamless steel tube bent and welded part, and the work content Very diverse, welding workload. However, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the automotive industry has emerged an automatic seat skeleton robot production line. In addition to a small amount of manual supply of some welding parts, the production line is a fully automatic machining operation.

The car seat skeleton robot production line can automate the assembly of the main body of the seat frame and the springs, with high production efficiency and stable and reliable quality. The car seat skeleton robot production line is a production line with a high degree of automation. It is a technological advancement and an improvement of the times.


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