Precautions For The Car Leather Seat In The Practical Process

- Sep 03, 2018 -

Advantages and disadvantages of car leather seats in use:

Leather seats have long been standard equipment for high-end cars, and many mid- and low-end cars are also equipped with leather seats. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of leather seats? What are the precautions in daily maintenance?

Two advantages of leather seats

1. Easy to clean. Compared to the flannel seat, the dust can only fall on the surface of the leather seat without deep into the seat, so the cleaning can be done with a cloth wipe. For the flannel seat, you need to buy a seat. Pad, etc., otherwise it may penetrate into the seat once it is dirty.

2. More heat dissipation. Although the dermis also absorbs heat, its heat dissipation performance is better. The car is hot in the summer at noon, and the seat must be very hot. But if it's a leather seat, you can take off the heat with a few shots, or you won't feel so hot after sitting for a while. The flannel seat does not have such good heat dissipation.

Two points of leather seat:

  1. The surface is vulnerable. Sharp objects are the nemesis of the dermis. Once they encounter knives, scissors, needles, etc., they will leave marks on the dermis. In comparison, the flannel will not be so delicate. And repaired, the cost of flannel is much lower than the leather. Of course, more importantly, leather is more prone to aging than flannel, so leather seats need more care.

2. Sitting feeling too slippery. The owner may use a seat belt or add a seat cushion to deal with this problem. In fact, the general manufacturer has been addressing the problem of wrinkling the surface of the dermis to increase the coefficient of friction.

The quality of the leather is different

In fact, the leather used to make car seats is not exactly the same as the leather for leather bags and sofas. Identifying the pros and cons of leather can be measured by several indicators such as brightness, thickness, softness, and fullness.

The leather has yellow cowhide and buffalo. Among them, the yellow cowhide has fine pores, average density, and feels delicate to the touch, and the ductility and flexibility are also very good. The pores of buffalo leather will be thicker and the cortex will feel harder. In addition, there are leather products made from all-calf leather on the market. This is made from young cowhide leather, which is softer and finer. In fact, the car seats made of all calfskin are very few, and most of the leather products made of whole calfskin are commonly found in small items such as leather bags.

2 precautions in daily maintenance

1. Keep the leather away from heat

The leather is easily aged and faded and cracked. Therefore, when the vehicle is equipped with a leather seat, the vehicle should be filmed and curtains are added to reduce the damage to the leather such as ultraviolet rays. At the same time, try not to smoke in the car.

2. When you park your car in summer, try to choose a cool place.

Usually, the leather seat can be regularly maintained with a professional leather soft cleaning agent to maintain its flexibility and gloss. For new cars that have just been bought, leather seats can be topped with a polish to add a protective layer.

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