Shock Absorption Detail Processing On Kinglong Bus RV

- Dec 05, 2018 -


The modification of the RV is based on the modification of the waterway, circuit, woodwork, interior furniture and electrical appliances on the basis of the chassis. The quality experience of a RV depends on the modified materials used and the details of the modification.


12m bus

When it comes to the details of the RV handling, you have to say that there is a problem in the car. It is unavoidable that the car is bumpy during driving. It is not enough to use the simple shock absorber for the shock absorber in the RV. It is comfortable in driving. The degree is an absolute factor in proving the quality experience of a RV. So let's see how the Jinlong bus site, which is often used in bus cars, reduces vibration.


12m bus RV interior

Kinglong bus uses the "air suspension" system. Simply put, the front tires are additionally equipped with independent suspensions like cars. Each tire is connected to the body through a "airbag". The rear tires have two "airbags" on each side due to their large carrying capacity, which achieves the effect of air suspension. In this way, the 12-meter-long body of the whole bus is pressed against the six airbags. The airbags are all air, which can rise and fall with the weight of the body, and reduce the bumpiness to maintain a certain level of flatness to achieve the shock absorption effect.


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