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- Aug 30, 2018 -

The seats of modern cars are mostly electrically adjustable, also known as electric seats. People's evaluation of the comfort of the car is mostly felt through the seat, so the electric seat equipped on the car must meet the two requirements of convenience and comfort, that is, the driver can not only get the best driver by operating the button. The vision allows easy manipulation of the steering wheel, pedals, shift levers, etc. It also allows the seat to be adjusted to the optimum position for the most comfortable and customary seating angle. In order to meet these requirements, automotive manufacturers continue to use mechanical and electronic means to create adjustable power seats.

In terms of seat styling, factors such as height, weight, seating posture and weight distribution should be fully considered, and advanced techniques such as ergonomics should be applied to create a seat that is comfortable to ride and sedentary. The adjustable electric seat should be according to the human body. The contours are designed to provide the best position for the head, back, waist and buttocks of the human body, and some have a heating function that makes the ride more comfortable in cold weather. Since the seat also functions as a compartment decoration, the color of the seat fabric is consistent with the overall color of the compartment, and the hand feel is soft and the texture is excellent, so that people have a comfortable feeling when sitting up.


The electric seat system of the car consists of a two-way motor, a transmission mechanism, and an adjustment control circuit.

1, the motor layout

The number of motors depends on the range of the adjustment function of the seat, and must be small and load-bearing; if only the seat is moved back and forth, only one motor is required. By adding two motors on top of this function, the up and down movement of the seat and the lifting of the front and rear ends of the seat can be achieved. This is what we often call a six-way mobile seat, which can be achieved by assembling three motors. Figure 1 shows the power seat position map. Many limousines also add features such as adjustment of the headrest, waist adjustment, armrest adjustment, seat length, etc. These features are added to make the occupants more comfortable. All of these functions must be implemented by a motor driven transmission.

2, the type of transmission mechanism

The seat transmission mechanism is required to have very good stability and low noise. The transmission mechanism of the electric seat of the modern car generally has the types of worm gear drive and drive wire drive.

The transmission components of the worm gear drive include a worm shaft, a worm wheel, a pinion and a rack. When adjusting, the worm shaft is driven by the motor to drive the worm wheel to rotate, thereby screwing or unscrewing the pinion, that is, the seat is lowered or raised. If the worm gear is in mesh with the rack, the worm wheel rotates to move the rack, causing the seat to move forward or backward. The 6-way adjustable power seat uses three reversible motors to operate the seat. The front and rear of the seat are controlled by different motors, which can also be raised and lowered independently. The third motor controls the front/rear movement.

The drive wire drive mode is to drive the wire to connect the motor to the drive nut, the gear nut rotates the jack bolt and the regulator on each side of the seat. The Buick Century sedan produced by Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd. is equipped with this type of electric seat, steel wire. Drive power seat, motor drive wire. Passengers can adjust the seat to the most comfortable position according to their size.


After the switch is turned on, the power of the motor is rotated by the gear and the driving flexible shaft, and then the seat adjuster is driven to move. When the regulator reaches the end of the stroke, the soft shaft stops rotating. When the motor is still rotating, its power will be absorbed by the rubber coupling to prevent the motor from being overloaded and damaged if the seat is stuck. When the control switch is de-energized, the return spring can separate the solenoid valve plunger and the claw joint to return to the original position.

The control button of the adjustment control circuit is arranged in a convenient place for the driver to operate, generally on the armrest on the inside of the door. Some car controllers also have a microcomputer, which has memory storage capability, and can automatically adjust the power seat to the storage position by pressing one of the memory buttons.

For many limousines, an electric lumbar support seat is also available. The adjustment operation is accomplished by an up/down or front/rear lumbar support regulator relay located below the driver's seat, the operation being controlled by a switch located on the side of the driver's seat.

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