Teach You To Choose A Comfortable Office Chair

- Jun 27, 2017 -

Quality computer chair full use of ergonomic principles, in the headrest, back, chair seat, cushion, handrails and other core components of the design into the human elements, fully meet the use of the body during the body's physiological needs, and both free to adjust Function, comfort up to 95%, from the root out of fatigue, improve sedentary caused by occupational disorders.

The quality of the computer chair using the mesh making head restraint, effectively adapt to the back neck and head, relieve the weight of the head caused by cervical pressure, and up and down adjustable 162.5px, 80 degrees adjustable angle, to meet the height of different people. The backrest has a comfortable feel and safety, but also adjustable, good fit. According to the sitting curve design of the three curved surface seat, can increase the thigh and buttocks and the contact area of the seat, ease the pressure. Using three key adjustment, flexible and convenient. Cushion thick, concave curve design, there is a good sitting feeling, mesh material with good ventilation, heat fast, comfortable. Handrails can also be adjusted up and down around, firmly hold the arm, the effective prevention of frozen shoulder.

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