Tell You What Are The Precautions For Car Modification?

- Oct 19, 2018 -

The RV is a combination of a house and a car. It is a house on a wheel. Therefore, driving a RV should not only pay attention to the maneuverability of the vehicle, but also take into account the full preparation of the house part for the road driving environment.

1. Make sure that the ventilation is adequate and should not be covered (for example, using a cold felt) or a sunroof or vent that blocks the forced ventilation of the forced air vent.

2. Pay attention to the head space (headroom) of the RV door and the cab door.

3. The operation of the living facilities (heating, stoves, refrigerators, etc.) and automobile machinery (such as engines, brakes, etc.) in the RV should be strictly in accordance with the instructions in the instructions.

4. Equipment or special equipment will change the size, weight and drivability of the car. For some special equipment, it must be registered on the car's documents.

5. Only use tires for RV.

6. Pull up the manual brake lever when parking.

7. If the total weight of the vehicle exceeds four tons, the car should be wedged to catch the wheel when parked on the slope.

8. Before leaving the RV, make sure that the doors, windows and trap doors are locked.

9. Carry warning signs, first aid kits and flashing warning lights in accordance with traffic regulations.

10. After reselling the RV, transfer the instruction manual and all equipment instructions to the new RV owner.

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