The Fabric And Material Of The Seat Itself Are Carefully Selected By The Manufacturer

- Jun 19, 2018 -

The fabric and material of the seat itself are the result of careful selection by the manufacturer. The purpose is to maximize the grinding force after the collision, so that the body can be fixed in the seat and avoid injury.

The popular "ice silk" and many other material seat covers and seat cushions on the market are slippery. Once an emergency brake is applied, it is very likely that the buttocks will slide out first, and will not provide any safety protection.

Ventilation seat is king

In fact, "leather seat" is a unique product in China, because the "dermis" seat in foreign countries does not appear alone, but also with a set of cooling and heating systems, which is what we often say "ventilated seat."

Due to the high cost, many joint venture brands have cut off this ventilation function, only to retain the "dermis"! Even though many models now have seat heating function, the status of teppanyaki in the summer still has no solution.

If passenger seats are cheap seat covers, harmful to health

According to some laboratory data, some inexpensive seat covers not only have odors, but also have many harmful substances that are harmful to health.

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