The Importance Of Seat Cushions?

- May 30, 2018 -

Branton and Grayson's study emphasizes the importance of chair cushions. They studied two different forms of train seats (softer and firmer seats) in an observational manner when analyzing and comparing the passenger's sitting on a chair to produce a cramped twist. After the movement and the maintenance of a stable posture, it was found that the passengers sitting on the more solid seat cushions were better than the passengers sitting on the soft seat cushions.

The chair pad has two important functions, first of all it helps to disperse the pressure generated by the weight of the ischial tuberosity and buttocks, if this pressure can not be excluded it will cause discomfort or even fatigue, etc.; secondly it makes the body take a A stable posture, the body recessed into the chair pad and support. But Branton proposed that the chair pad should not be too soft. When the body is sitting on a soft chair pad, while eliminating pressure, it is easy to produce the entire body can not get the support they deserve. , resulting in the feeling of sitting posture instability. The human body in the soft material of the lounge chair, only the feet rely on a solid ground to have a sense of stability.

Therefore, the seat with too much elasticity can not only make the human body gain the support, even because it needs to maintain a certain posture, and the increase of the intramuscular stress leads to fatigue. The seat cushion composed of a soft cloth cover, cushions, springs, etc. The buttocks and thighs are deeply sunk into the seat cushion, and the whole body is exposed to the seat cushion's contact pressure. It is inconvenient to adjust the sitting posture and the efficiency of excluding pressure is also poor. In addition, the human body sits on a soft chair cushion for a long time and needs to pass through muscles. The contraction acts to maintain a stable sitting posture, so the seat cushion must not be too soft.


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