There Is A Big Room Behind The Volvo Truck Cab, Turned Out To Be A Female Driver?

- Jun 16, 2018 -

Truck 100m plus and minus tips

When adding files, after the start, when the car enters the normal driving route, it immediately steps on the accelerator pedal to quickly increase the vehicle speed to a low speed range one step higher than this gear. When the clutch is raised after refueling, the engine and the vehicle will not shake. Right, if the engine and the vehicle appear to shake, it means that the speed is low and the speed should be increased.

If there is a squat phenomenon in the vehicle, it means that the speed increase is too high and should be reduced. At this time, quickly shift the gear lever into a higher gear and then increase the speed. In the same way, shift the gear lever into the highest gear step by step. When the gear is downshifted, if there is an obstacle in front of the vehicle, if the vehicle is approaching the bump, the speed will be faster. At this time, the brake can be used to further reduce the speed to over-concave road and the vehicle will not experience large bumps. In the process of further deceleration using the brake, if the vehicle is about to shake, you can step on the clutch pedal. After deceleration, the speed will drop to a few gears, and the shift lever will be changed into several gears.

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