To Be Able To Adapt To Different Heights Of Drivers

- Jun 27, 2018 -

For different drivers, the length of the cushion, the length of the cushion, the width of the cushion, the position of the headrest, etc. all bring different driving feelings. As a result, designers need to consider the different heights of the driver when designing the seat, design a reasonable adjustment range, and try to meet the needs of most people.

Easy to control throttle and brake pedal

To be honest, few people will notice this, but for designers, it is also a factor that must be considered when designing a seat. In order to ensure the safety of the members in the car, the driver must ensure that he can fully apply the brakes under normal sitting posture. This is related to the height of the seat cushion, the angle of the seat, the angle of the pedal, etc. It also needs to be considered comprehensively.


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