What Are The Advantages Of Bus Seats?

- Jun 21, 2018 -

The so-called passenger seat is the front seat of the seat that is used when riding: Headrest, backrest and seat are very important for a car. Let us understand the characteristics of the Shenyang seat today.

The car seats can be divided into separate seats and long seats according to their shapes; they can be divided into fixed, detachable, and adjustable types according to their functions; the number of passengers can be divided into single, double, and multi-chairs. According to the performance of the seat, from the earliest fixed seats, it has been developed into a multifunctional power-adjustable seat with air-cushion seats, power seats, stereo seats, and mental recovery seats until the electronically-adjusted seats. . According to the material is divided into leather seats and velvet seats and so on. There are also seats for special objects such as child seats and racing seats.

Leather seat

China's auto industry has developed rapidly in recent years and will develop steadily in the coming period. This has a lot of demand for seats, so the passenger car seat industry still has huge room for development in the future.

Two major advantages

1, easy to clean. Compared to the fabric face seat, the dust can only fall on the surface of the leather seat, and does not penetrate deeper into the seat. Therefore, the cloth can be wiped cleanly to complete the cleaning work. It is also necessary for the flannel seat. Buy seat cushions, etc., or they may permeate inside the seat once they get dirty.

2, more easy to heat. Although the dermis also absorbs heat, its thermal performance is better.

Two points are insufficient

1, the surface is vulnerable. Sharp objects are the nemesis of leather, so leather seats need to be carefully guarded.

2, sitting feeling too smooth. The owner may use a seat belt or a cushion to deal with this problem. In fact, the general manufacturer has dealt with this problem by folding the leather surface to increase the coefficient of friction.

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