What Are The Car Lights? Where Are The Various Lights? What Are Their Roles?

- Jun 15, 2018 -

1. Headlamps: The main purpose of headlights is to illuminate roads and objects in front of vehicles to ensure traffic safety. It is also possible to use high beam and low beam alternations as night passing signals. The headlights are mounted on both sides of the car's head, with 2 or 4 vehicles per vehicle. The lamp power is 45~60W for high beam and 25~55W for low beam.

2. Fog lights: The fog lights are mounted near the headlights or slightly lower than the headlights. It is a luminaire that illuminates roads and provides a signal for oncoming vehicles in the event of low visibility with fog, snow, heavy rain or dust. Most of the light is yellow, because the yellow light wave is longer and has good fogging performance. The lamp power is generally 35W.

3. Reversing light: The reversing light is installed at the rear of the car to illuminate the road behind the car and inform the vehicle and pedestrians that the vehicle is reversing or is ready to reverse. It combines the functions of a light signal device. The light is white and the power is 28W.

4. License plate light: The license plate light is installed above the tail plate of the car. Its purpose is to illuminate the vehicle rear license plate. The requirement is to be able to see the number on the license at 20M behind the car at night. The light is white and the power is generally 8~10W.

5, ceiling light: installed in the cab or the top of the car, lighting for the cab lighting. The dome light is white, and the shade is mostly made of transparent plastic. The bulb power is generally 5~8W.

6, instrument lights: It is instrument lighting tools, often linked with the instrument panel. The light is white and the lamp power is generally 2~8w.

7, step lights: It is used to illuminate the door stepping place, to facilitate the passengers get on and off the lights. The light is white and the bulb power is generally 5~8W.

8. Luggage light: It is the lamp in the luggage inside the car. The light is white and the power is 5~8w.

9. Tool light: It is used when repairing a car. A work light socket is installed in the car and a mobile light with a wire is used. Lights are white, bulb power is generally 8~20W.



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