What Are The Characteristics Of Modern Cinema Design?

- Jul 07, 2018 -

1. Multi-room mode, each movie hall is a separate enclosed space, separated by a partition wall, connected by a corridor, and has a public space—a foyer or a lounge.


2. The picture and sound source are fixed. The size of the screen should occupy almost the entire space in front of the movie hall, so that the viewer's field of vision can enter the screen without any obstruction, and the sound position of the left, middle and right main speakers and surround sound should also be placed according to the size of the movie hall. The specified location and functional design are very clear.


3, the comfort and viewing effect of the seat is better, the spacing, the seat distance, the super high value of each line of sight, and the height of the viewpoint are important parameters of the theater design.


4, the film should also be based on direct sound, and the sound field of the movie hall is in a closed space, and its sound performance is greatly affected by the acoustic conditions of the building environment, such as reverberation time, background noise, reflection and sound diffusion, etc. The effects of these factors must be fully considered.


5. The brightness of the screen of the movie hall is evenly up to standard. The picture is clear and uniform. There are enough sound pressure levels in the sound field, uniform sound field distribution, high speech intelligibility and low system noise. It has become the common pursuit of every designer. aims.


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