What Are The Core Component Technologies For Car Seats?

- Sep 25, 2018 -

The key core components of passenger car seats are seat motors, slide rails, recliners, memory devices and more. These core technologies are still in the hands of foreign investors and joint ventures such as Brose, Faurecia, Johnson, and Zibo. As the largest automobile producer and consumer country, China also urgently needs to master these core technologies, but there is a certain gap with foreign-funded enterprises, and domestic enterprises are trying to catch up.

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Seat motor

   The car seat motor is the power source of the car electric seat and belongs to the middle and high-end passenger car equipped device. The seat motor is mainly a permanent magnet DC motor. According to the number of magnetic poles, it can be divided into two-pole motor and multi-pole (mainly four-pole) motor; if it is divided according to magnetic material, it can be divided into ferrite motor and rare earth motor. At present, the adjustment of the position of the car seat adopts two methods of mechanical and electric control based on manual adjustment. The seat motor and mechanical drive mechanism allow the seat to be adjusted in a horizontally raised and tilted position.

As higher-level suppliers demand more from motors, seat motors require greater output power in smaller volumes and higher levels of noise and vibration resistance. Foreign companies such as Bosch have entered the automotive micro-motor industry very early, and have accumulated a wealth of design and manufacturing experience. While their product quality is recognized, their research direction also leads the development direction of the automotive micro-motor industry. It can be speculated that the future development trend of car seat motors is toward small size, high output power, low noise, low vibration and easy and fast installation. China's research on automotive micro- and small-sized motors started late, and most of them are based on the research data of foreign large-scale motors to carry out research work on small motors, which inevitably produces many wrong calculations. At the same time, domestic control and research on the noise and vibration of automobiles and their components is relatively weak, which limits the entry of products into the high-end market.

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Seat rail

   The seat rail is one of the most important parts in the seat assembly. It has a very high technical content and patent protection. It is not only an important function, but also one of the car safety parts. The seat rail and the manual lock device can realize the manual adjustment of the seat in the horizontal position. The motor and the drive mechanism can realize the automatic adjustment of the seat in the horizontal position, and the market application is very broad. In the seat safety performance index, the seat rail needs to withstand a static pulling force of 24kN or more, and it is necessary to ensure that the sliding rail is balanced when subjected to forces in all directions such as positive pressure and side pulling, and functional failure cannot be generated. This puts very high requirements on the design of the cross-sectional shape of the slide rail and the material of the slide rail itself. It is necessary to design the slide rail section scientifically and reasonably. In particular, the material of the slide rail itself needs to have a tensile strength of more than 600 MPa, while the steel of domestic enterprises still Can not meet the high tensile strength of raw materials.

Another technical difficulty of the seat slide is the slide rail manufacturing technology, which requires the production enterprise to have very high-sized large-scale precision molds and punching machines, and domestic research in this area is relatively backward from foreign technology and cannot meet the design requirements of the product. In foreign countries, the main market for seat slides is controlled by companies such as Brose and Faurecia. It is the designated supplier of many OEMs, and its product technology has the advantages of compact structure and high tensile strength. Future seat rails will develop in the direction of light weight, high strength, integration and platform.

The domestic production of seat slide manufacturers mainly include Shanghai Mingfang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and Hubei Zhonghang Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., and the market is low-end vehicles, and its technology can not meet the safety and performance required by medium and high-end vehicles. And other specifications. Ningbo Shuanglin Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is developing a universal seat slide and realizing the unification of the hand and electric slide platform. It has applied for a patent. Its design is shortening the gap compared with foreign seat rail manufacturers such as Brose and Faurecia.

Zibo's patented technology, Shanghai Transportation Co., Ltd. uses the patented technology of French BF. As a domestic independent enterprise, Ningbo Shuanglin Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has mastered the key design technology of the recliner, and has the experience of developing and producing large-scale precision progressive die and transfer die, and has the strength to develop and produce the protractor. Precision stamping die lays a solid foundation for the independent development and industrial production of the angle adjuster technology.


Memory device

   Seat memory has a very broad market in the automotive field. Car seat is one of the important indicators to measure the performance of the car. In the pursuit of car comfort and convenience, the driver's comfort and convenience requirements for the seat are also increasing. High, electric seats, especially electric seats with memory, are increasingly favored by car consumers. In foreign countries, many brands of high-end cars have been equipped with seat memory; in China, the price of the appropriate, fully functional seat memory is more popular, and the trend from high-end cars to medium and low-end cars.

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   Seat memory currently on the market generally uses two methods to obtain the seat motor rotation data (ie, the position data of the car seat). One is to use a potentiometer, this program can memorize more accurate seat position data, but the potentiometer has contact devices after all. As the contact and resistance patterns wear out, the control failure will occur, so the detection accuracy is low. Short working life is short, and a set of deceleration devices is required. Therefore, potentiometers and reduction gears add cost to the solution. The other is to use the Hall sensor to obtain the seat motor rotation data, which makes up for the cost and life of the former solution.

   The seat memory not only adjusts and memorizes the seat position, but also adjusts and memorizes the left and right rear view mirrors of the car, as well as the position of the inner rear view mirror, enabling one-touch restoration of the seat and mirror to the driving Best location. In addition, LAN bus technology is used for data transmission between the modules of the seat memory, which can greatly reduce the use of automotive wiring harnesses.

Seat memory is generally deployed on luxury models. The memory produced by internationally renowned companies such as Motorola and Siemens has a large market share, almost monopolizing the seat memory market, and its price is also high.

Seat drive

   In the early car seats, manual manual mode was used to adjust the front and rear position of the seat, which was very inconvenient to operate. The appearance of the seat drive allows automatic adjustment of the seat position. The technology of the seat drive was originally monopolized by the German IMS company.

    There are not many domestic R&D and achievements, and Ningbo Shuanglin Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has independently researched and developed.

It has produced horizontal seat drives with independent intellectual property rights in China and exported them overseas, becoming one of the world's largest suppliers of seat drives, breaking the monopoly of foreign companies in this market. The seat drive products produced by Ningbo Shuanglin Auto Parts Co., Ltd. include small size, low noise, low vibration and long service life. It can solve the shortcomings of the existing products occupying a large space in the car seat. The added elastic damping pad can make the floating nut automatically adjust the error of the center position of the driver screw and the speed reduction mechanism relative to the nut, and greatly reduce the noise and vibration when adjusting the seat. The retaining plate, floating nut, nut bracket and screw rod fixed on the screw have high strength, which can connect the upper and lower rails of the seat into one body, ensuring that the seat does not separate when the car is subjected to strong impact, thereby ensuring personal safety.

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