What Are The Five Requirements For Car Seats?

- Jun 11, 2018 -

As cars become more involved in life, cars are no longer a simple vehicle. It has become part of life. The car seat as a direct bearer of the car user, it is to provide the driver with a driver's seat that is easy to operate, comfortable, safe and not tired. Engineering seat

The reason why a car seat can provide a car user with a driver's seat that is easy to handle, comfortable, safe, and not tired is because the seat design needs to satisfy five basic requirements.

The first seat arrangement should be reasonable, and the size of the seat installation position is very important, which directly affects the user's convenience and comfort. Seating arrangements should reflect ergonomic requirements.

The shape of the second seat must conform to the physiological functions of the human body. If the driver's posture is not ideal, he or she will easily fatigue or even cause strain. Therefore, Japan, Europe and the United States major car manufacturers to design the driver's seat position have basic posture, head, shoulders, arms, abdomen, legs and other activities of the reference space, can not be arbitrary.

The third seat should have an adjustment mechanism (seat recliner, seat slide), the use of the car has differences between men and women, tall and short differences, the seat (especially the driver's seat) must have Adjust the body to fit most people's body.

The fourth seat should have good vibration characteristics. Although the floor is vibrating when the vehicle is running, due to the function of the car seat spring, it is still possible to obtain good comfort on the seat. If the spring performance is not good, then the car's Comfort will be worse.

The fifth seat must be very safe and reliable, and the seat of the passenger car together with the seat belt and the airbag constitutes a safety protection for the occupant. The sturdiness of the car seat itself, the reliability of the car body connection, and the strength of the backrest have industry regulations and test standards.

Your car seat has reached the above five requirements. If it does, then congratulations to you. There is no demand for car safety.


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