What Are The Precautions For Loader Seat Installation?

- Oct 16, 2018 -

The road conditions in the construction of the loader are relatively poor, so the requirements for the comfort and reliability of the seat are relatively high. The seats produced by the manufacturers are generally 260~300mm in height. However, the height of the seat is 400. ~490mm is appropriate, you need to install a height-adjustable base under the seat to improve the degree. So, how to install the seat on the loader?
    1. Seat and base
    The seat and the base are connected by four bolts to form the seat assembly. The seat assembly is mounted on the floor of the cab, the seat height is 270mm, the height adjustment is divided into three levels, the range is -30cm~0~30cm, and the base height is 180mm. Some loader bases are also used as toolboxes, and the seats are mounted on the toolbox.

2. Seat heating fan or air conditioner evaporator
    When the loader heater or air conditioner is selected, the seat can be installed on the heater or air conditioner evaporator through the transition plate. The heater or air conditioner evaporator at this time is equivalent to the seat base. When using this structure, the seat The transition plate is connected to the air heater or the air conditioner evaporator. There are 8 through holes of 11.5mm diameter around the transition plate for installing the heater and the air conditioner evaporator, and the four counter holes in the middle are used to fix the seat.

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