What Are The Precautions For RV Modification?

- Oct 19, 2018 -

What are the precautions for RV modification?

1, the appearance of the vehicle; 

2, power, performance, control;

 3, internal and external decorative aspects; 

4, vehicle safety. For details, please contact Suzhou Bonwell Automotive Services Co., Ltd. The company's main automotive interior design modification services, focusing on Mercedes-Benz deterrence, Viano, Spence, Toyota Sea Lion, Coster, Bilian, Transit, Iveco, Jinlong bus and other commercial vehicle interior design, modification, renovation, upgrade And custom-made RV production, manufacturing, modification services; and strictly follow the spirit of quality, more intimate to create a personalized conversion effect for each car, and through the process of superb craftsmanship into a series of exquisite interiors, luxury, luxury, dynamic luxury The first-class car, let you feel the perfect combination of retro design concept and modern craftsmanship. Is a professional car modification public si, from design to production, installation, commissioning one-stop service. Emphasis is placed on the perfect concept of individualization, practicality and aesthetics. For different customer groups, it has long been recognized by customers and relevant people in the society. The company's personnel are ambitious, make persistent efforts, unite and forge ahead, and strive to create a better future. ,Tomorrow will be better!

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