What Are The Purchase Methods For Car Seat Covers?

- Jul 09, 2018 -

1. Color: Whether the color of the seat cover matches the color of the owner. For example, the color of the interior of the car is beige or the color of beige or beige, so as to better show the noble and beautiful consistency of the car, and fully demonstrate the personal taste of the owner.

2. Brand: The seat cover is consistent with the car seat. At present, the car seat cover manufacturer performs the seat cover molding and manufacture according to the model and structure. The car seat cover is so comfortable that there is no loose car, so the car seat The choice of manufacturer is very important. Seat cover purchase should choose a manufacturer with strength, support for the development of the car, special models.

3. Fabrics: At present, the fabrics of the seat covers are mainly suede, cotton, deerskin, ice silk, sandwiches, skein nets, South Korean velvet, PU, etc., according to your preference, choose the seat cover fabric suitable for your car.

4. Price: Regardless of whether the seat cover fabric is high-end or low-end, first of all, the owner likes it, and chooses fabrics of different price according to the actual situation.


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