What Are The Requirements For A Car Seat Design?

- Apr 29, 2018 -

The reason why a car seat can provide a car user with a driver's seat that is easy to handle, comfortable, safe, and not fatigued is because the seat design needs to meet five basic requirements.

1. The seat layout should be reasonable, and the size of the seat installation position is very important. It directly affects the user's convenience and comfort.

2. The shape of the seat must conform to the physiological function of the human body. If the driver's posture is not ideal, fatigue or even strain may occur.

3. The seats should have adjustment mechanisms (car seat recliners, seat slides). There are differences in the use of cars between men and women. The difference between tall and short, seats (especially the driver's seat) must be There are adjustment agencies to accommodate most people's bodies.

4. The seat should have good vibration characteristics. Although the floor is vibrating when the vehicle is running, due to the effect of the car seat spring, it is still possible to obtain good comfort on the seat. If the spring performance is not good, then the car's Comfort will be worse.

5. The seat must be very safe and reliable, and the seat of the passenger car together with the seat belt and the airbag constitutes a safety protection for the occupant.

Did your car seat meet the above five requirements? If you do, then congratulations, there is no demand for car safety.


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