What Aspects Should I Consider When Purchasing Car Seat Armrests?

- Sep 06, 2018 -

1. First, see if you can accept a few screws on your body.

If you can accept the choice of plastic or wooden MDF material, if you can't accept the choice of wooden MDF material, it can be selected as a non-punch style. If it is loose, you can attach double-sided tape to fix it.

bus seat armrest with button.jpg

2, look at what you like the external shape and function of the car armrest box

The shape of the plastic car armrest box is relatively unique and novel. It looks better. The overall integrated design of the wooden MDF material looks a bit regular. Especially the oldest customer image is called the toilet armrest box. 】But it is more stable than plastic, there will be no abnormality during driving. With the development of the market, the function of the armrest box is more and more, and additional functions such as subwoofer function, built-in lighting, with freezing function, and TV Features, etc. With the continuous expansion of the market, the competitiveness is getting bigger and bigger, the product replacement is getting faster and faster, and some imitation products are gradually flooding the market. For example, the one shown on the right is the popular perforated multi-functional armrest box on the market this year. It can be used to charge the mobile phone with the help of the original car cigarette lighter jack.

Buses for sale accessories passenger seat armrest.jpg

3. See your pursuit of storage space

The general wooden MDF material is larger than the plastic storage space. However, the storage space of several plastic armrest boxes has changed a lot this year, surpassing the storage capacity of some wooden MDF material. The price is not cheap, the materials should be made using raw materials. Generally, when the products are displayed, there will be a display of the overall and partial dimensions and the size of the storage space. You can look at the actual introduction of the examples [including the measurement numbers or pictures with reference objects, which are generally canned drinks].

PVC Car Seat Armrest Vehicle Part Accessories.jpg

4, the price aspect

At present, during the market economy period, we must believe that the price of a piece of goods in the armrest box market is about 30 to 260. The retail price is about the sales of specific stores. Compared with the retail price, the price of online sales is certain. The advantages. There are manufacturers selling directly [such as the flagship store of Tmall Mall] also have sales on sale [such as the franchise store of Tmall Mall and the general market store of Taobao] and some large shopping websites.

5, look at other aspects such as service attitude Whether the trademark name you look pleasing to the eye Read whether it is smooth, whether the brand, the function meets your needs, etc. All subjective will can determine the factors.

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