What Car Is Suitable For Conversion Into A RV?

- Oct 17, 2018 -

Iveco and Jinbei sea lions have a high roof and a large space, which is convenient for the cab and the rear space to move around.


1. Detailed Interpretation: Also known as “home on wheels”, it has two functions of “room” and “car”, but its property is still a car. It is a kind of vehicle that can be moved and has the basic facilities necessary for home. You can park at any distance from the city's sandy beaches, lakeshores, grasslands, hillsides, forests, and at the same time have a city lifestyle.

2. Historical origin: The prototype of the RV is a Gypsy caravan. In Europe, the caravan is called caravan, which means caravan. At the end of World War I, Americans added tents, beds, kitchen equipment, etc. to family cars. In 1920, some people added simple wooden furniture to the T-shaped chassis.

3. Market prospects: With the increase in income and changes in consumer psychology, especially the development of small towns with low building plot ratios, the RV will have a big development. The most realistic path may be to provide a simple camping for a regular family car to a recreational vacation.

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