What Does The Car's Electric Seat Mean?

- Sep 13, 2018 -

The power seat means that the rider can move forward and backward by the electric drive seat, and the backrest moves back and forth, just by pulling or pressing some buttons.

The passenger's power seat control system relies on electric power to achieve seat sway and tilt adjustment; the driver's power seat control system not only enables seat gliding and tilt adjustment, but also front vertical and rear vertical, headrest And the adjustment of the position of the waist pad, and some also have a position storage function. The power seat is mainly composed of three parts: the seat switch and the position sensor, the electronic controller ECU, and the drive motor of the actuator. The switch and position sensor include electric switches at various positions of the seat (headrest, backrest, waist, sliding, front vertical, rear vertical), seat position sensors, seat belt buckle sensors and steering wheel tilt sensors, etc.; ECU includes steering Column tilting and telescopic ECU and power seat ECU; actuators mainly include seat adjustment, seat belt buckle and steering wheel tilt adjustment drive motor, etc., and these motors can be flexibly reversed to perform various devices Adjustment function.

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