What Ergonomics Do You Need To Apply To Your Car Seat Layout?

- Jun 29, 2018 -

1. Appropriate comfort of the seat and the lateral stability of the soft and hard feeling when turning (the sides are raised to support the body) The waist and the back are reasonably supported The vehicle vibration comfort (resonance frequency, attenuation characteristics)

2. Driver's or passenger's field of vision and reflection

3. The ease of operation of the area that the driver can reach

The body scale represented by the percentile of the height distribution is called the percentile height. In the body design, the human body scale used is 5% percentile and 95% percentile to ensure that 90% (from 5% to 95% percentile) drivers and passengers can The design of the car seat adjustment range is best suited to its own dimensions of the seating space and operating space. The 50% percentile human scale (average body size) is used by most drivers.

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