What Happens To The Cushion Of The Auditorium Chair?

- Aug 14, 2018 -

    We all know that no matter what the product has its service life. Then what problems do you usually have in the auditorium? The following is introduced by Suzhou Bonwell Auditorium Chair Manufacturer: In the auditorium chair that is usually sent for repair, the phenomenon is that the spring of the auditorium chair may be tired, how can it become softer and softer, and the cushion is trapped when sitting down. Most consumers will think that the cushion is sunken because the spring is broken.

     Most of the real reason is that the auditorium seat cushion foam has been elastically fatigued after a long period of pressure. There are many cowhide auditorium chairs that are damaged because the foam material is too bad to support the pressure. It is like a steamed buns. If the inner heel is not solid, the pressure will be applied from the outside and the buns will be sunken. Bad leather, like the bun, is dry and has no elasticity and tension. As long as it is stronger, even the skin is cracked. If the inner lining is solid, it will be full and full, and it can provide good ergonomic support.

cushion auditorium seating cinema chair.jpg

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