What If The Car Seat Is Too Soft? 2018.8.30

- Aug 30, 2018 -

What if the car seat is too soft?

A seat that is too stiff can make people feel uncomfortable. The seat is too soft, which can cause people to be too much into the seat, and it is not easy to change the posture and fatigue. After clarifying the reason for the comfort of the seat, you can continue to understand the car seat configuration part with these principles and make the right choice in the process of selecting the car.


Seat configuration:

1. Electric adjustment seat The electric adjustment seat is the earliest manual adjustment seat in 1921 compared to the manual seat. The manual adjustment method requires the member to relax the locking mechanism of the seat through the handle, then move the seat by changing the posture and position of the body, and finally relax the handle of the locking mechanism to fix the seat at the selected position. . The active force-applying side of this adjustment mode is the passenger on the seat, and the adjustment of the seat is not very convenient. The power seat is composed of a seat cushion, a backrest, a headrest, a skeleton, a suspension and an adjustment mechanism. When the electrically adjustable seat is adjusted, the seat is the force-applying side, and the passenger can move the seat by simply pulling the control button without actively changing the posture of the body. The power seat also provides a more precise adjustment position. The use of the power seat allows the driver to easily find the driving posture that suits him or her, providing a good view, improving driving safety and reducing driving fatigue. At present, the mid- and low-end economy cars mostly use manual adjustment seats, or only provide simple electric adjustment function for the driver's seat; medium and large luxury cars generally provide power adjustment for the front seats. The front and rear rows of luxury cars that are more business-oriented will be equipped with electric adjustable seats.

2, waist support adjustment refers to the seat waist has support adjustable. In order to alleviate the fatigue of long-term driving, the waist of the seat can change the "convex" degree to give the human body a certain support, so that the waist does not need to be fatigued due to "empty".

3, seat height adjustment refers to the seat height is adjustable. In order to enable the occupant to find a suitable driving posture or a comfortable ride, the average car can adjust the seat height by manual or electric device.

4, seat leg support adjustment refers to the seat front seat cushion has a certain adjustability. By adjusting the length or angle of the seat cushion, it is possible to maintain good contact with the thigh and provide support for more parts of the leg to meet the passenger's comfort requirements.


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