What Is The Best Car Seat Fabric?

- Aug 30, 2018 -

Cars are increasingly entering ordinary families. When choosing a car configuration, some people often choose higher-priced leather as the fabric of the seat to show the luxury of the car, without considering the relatively inexpensive ordinary fabric. However, experts remind: expensive is not necessarily good.

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The results of scientific research show that the fabric of the car seat will affect the health of the driver. The most healthy and safe seat fabric is ordinary fabric.

The fabric of ordinary fabric has good air permeability, large friction and softness, which is more suitable for human body needs. There is more sweat in the summer, sitting on the seat of ordinary fabric, there will be no wet, sticky feeling.

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In addition, the ordinary fabric friction is larger than the leather, which is beneficial to strengthen the support of the seat to the human body, is not easy to slip, and is safer than leather. In particular, many people like to add a removable cushion to the seat to enhance the softness and comfort of the seat cushion. Especially leather, it is relatively smooth, and the friction is small. If a cushion is added on the top, it is not integral with the car seat. It is not easy to fix when sitting on the top, and the body is rushing in case of emergency braking or collision. The force will be greater, the additional mat will be removed from the seat, and the driver's chances of injury or traffic accidents will increase.

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     Remind the driver. When the weather is hot, many drivers will put a variety of mats on their seats to achieve the effect of heatstroke prevention, but they ignore the rationality of the material of the mat. A mat with a smooth surface not only poses a safety hazard, but also causes some chronic diseases. Long-term compression of the lumbosacral nerve endings while driving, coupled with the hard mat of the car bumps on the lumbosacral region, is prone to cause nerve endings. At the same time, the hard mat also exacerbates the vibrations during the car's launch or driving. Long-term exposure to vibration can lead to decreased neurological function, neurological dysfunction, and local numbness and pain in the limbs. Therefore, choosing a car seat with ordinary fabric is a wise choice.

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