What Is The Best Position For The Car Seat?

- Sep 05, 2018 -

What is the best position for the car seat? For those who drive a lot, it's best to adjust the seat to the best comfort angle. The car's driver's seat is the most protective waist when keeping the seat and backrest tilted approximately 100 degrees. Because when people lean on the back of a 100-degree chair, the body is slightly later, just in line with the natural curve of our waist and slightly bent, and at this time, the raised part of the back of the car seat can reduce the waist. pressure. In life, many newcomers like to adjust the back of the chair straight, thinking that sitting more straight and practicing waist. But in fact, according to our waist curve, the lumbar vertebra is straight and straight, and the pressure it bears is also the biggest, but it is not good for the waist.

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Experts suggest that you should check your seat back before driving today. If you are afraid that 100 degrees is not easy to master, you can straighten the back of the chair first, and then let the headrest of the chair tilt backwards and a fist is about the same. If you want to drive a long-distance car, it is recommended to put a small cushion on the back so that you can better protect your waist.


What is the best position for the car seat? Netizen reply: This bar varies from person to person, and it depends on the model. I am talking about the premise of the driver's driving experience is short, are my personal experience and insights, not necessarily meet the experts said, ha ~ like the Volkswagen series models, the front of the car is prominent, the hood tilt angle is small You can easily see the comfort level of driving by easily seeing the type of front. A vehicle such as the Ford Focus (typical) with a large slant angle and a short head is not easy to visualize the front of the vehicle. For safety reasons, do not sit too far back for the novice, and the backrest should be slightly straight.

In short, the car seat is first adjusted to the feet (manual gear). When the pedal is stepped on, the legs can be bent. That means you have enough strength to step on the back, and the backrest and seat position are adjusted to straighten your hands. You can use the tiger's mouth to get stuck on both sides of the steering wheel (teaching by the master). Then fine-tune it according to your personal needs. Long-distance driving, I think it is very helpful to relieve fatigue by strengthening the neck.

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