What Is The Learning Color Of The Car Interior?

- Aug 30, 2018 -

Color acts on the human senses, stimulating the human nerves, and thus affecting the emotional psychology. In daily life, if the color of the house is not good, it will affect people's emotions and affect the quality of life. Usually, people call it the "second home" outside the house. The color of the car interior will also affect the driving safety and riding mood of the car. Therefore, whether it is a house or a car, the internal color matching is very particular. Here we take a look!

All black interiors - mature and steady to see!

The black interior is very dull at first glance, but after sitting in the car, the black-style center console, carbon fiber plaque, black leather sports seat, and aluminum shifting with metallic light, feel very Have a sense of movement. However, the all-black interior is very easy to show dust. The center console is a layer of ash as long as it is not rubbed for two days. The black leather seat is very dark as long as it is not waxed, and the texture is very poor. After a long period of use, the small cracks inevitably appear in the leather seat, the black seat is particularly easy to appear and difficult to cover.

Black and red mix and match - full of heat

Red usually brings these feelings: excitement, enthusiasm, positiveness, unrestrainedness and strength, as well as solemnity, solemnity, joy and happiness. The black interior with a flaming sports seat, or a red center console with all-black perforated leather seats, this mix and match style is now becoming the mainstream interior style for some sports cars. This moment, the moment that people are undoubtedly sitting in the car, is stimulated by a strong driving impulse, and people feel a lot of youth.


Brown rice match - show calm

The brown rice match is really fresh, the brown center console has no black sink, but it avoids the reflection like the black interior; the beige looks neat and comfortable, and it really makes the economy car feel like a high-end car. However, there is still a shortage of brown rice, that is, the beige cloth velvet seat is too dirty, especially the water drops on the seat, there is water stain on the water, and the beige ceiling is also easy to accumulate dust, not easy to clean.

Blue and white color matching - youthful bright

Blue is a color that is rarely used in car interiors, but with the increasing popularity of personalized cars, blue and white, it has become the choice of some individual owners. This color matching makes the car full of youthful style, especially favored by children, bright and fresh. However, such an interior is full of personality, but it is not new, and it has been used for a long time, and it is not very comfortable to watch.DSC_76600.jpg

Pay attention when choosing a personality color. First, choose white as little as possible, including light white and milky white. The second is to choose pink as little as possible. The third is to try to choose the color matching provided by the car company, do not modify it yourself, because the personality color introduced by the car company often undergoes strict chromatographic analysis, and it does not affect driving, and has both taste and eye catching.


Interior materials are closely related to color

The materials used in automobiles range from metal to non-metal, and the materials are the basis for the color quality of automobiles. Cowhide is a very special material used in the design and production of automobiles. The leather used in cars must be cowhide. Different materials use different colors when giving the same feeling. The carbon fiber or black mahogany used in high-end cars is black. The former reflects the savvy wisdom, while the latter reflects the moderate restraint. It is avant-garde change, and one is a conservative change. The most popular material nowadays is the use of metal aluminum, which is used not only on the body frame, but also in the interior decoration of the car. The luster of aluminum is delicate and gentle, yet it is not lost in modern fashion. It is more and more popular with consumers.

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