What Is The Most Important Thing In Car Safety?

- Jun 20, 2018 -

1, body structure

Today's cars tend to have a cage-like structure of a car design, also known as a "mesh-type design." In addition to ensuring that the car body is strong enough, a good structural design also considers reducing the impact of the occupants during a collision.

2. Front bumper

The front bumper is the most accessible part of the human body. Its design is smooth and sleek. The front bumper also houses an energy absorbing structure. The hood and the front fender can also absorb impact energy, thus reducing the damage to pedestrians.

3, seat belts and airbags

This is an essential two configurations in the car. According to statistics, in the United States, they can save an average of 13,000 lives each year.

4, collapse direction steering column and pedal

These two operating devices are located very close to the driver and often cause injuries to the driver's head, chest and legs in accidents. Therefore, the safety experts will be designed to collapse and they will automatically shrink in the event of a frontal impact, thus pulling away from the driver to increase the front passenger safety space.

5, head and neck protection system

The rear-end collision accident has the highest probability of causing head and neck injuries. Under the control of the head and neck protection and safety system, when the front body encounters a rear low speed impact, the front seat will follow the occupant's body's rearward movement and be tilted to relieve the occupant's spine and neck. the power of.

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