What Issues Should I Pay Attention To When Decorating A Home Theater KTV?

- Aug 20, 2018 -

(1) The sound field of the KTV room in the home theater has certain special characteristics. For example, the room is small, it is easy to cause whistling, the private room is next to each other, and it needs to be treated separately. At the same time, because it is the night field, we must consider the overall sound field. The sound of the leak is isolated. Therefore, good acoustic design must be considered.

(2) The partition wall is built on the top of the cement ceiling. Many people use the method of first ceiling and rear partition wall in order to save cost and convenience, so that the upper part reserves air conditioning duct, exhaust duct, fire pipeline and power wire pipeline. After the ceiling, not only is the construction extremely laborious, but also the trouble of the reinforcement of the pipeline and the top seal of the sound insulation wall. A reasonable construction plan is to construct the pipeline first, then build the wall, seal the wall, and then suspend the ceiling.

(3) The proportion design of the muffling wall should be reasonable. Many people know that designing some muffling walls in the private room can alleviate the whistling of the microphone, but sometimes the excessive emphasis on the sound absorption effect will cause the microphone to have insufficient reverberation. Dry up, so as to affect the overall singing effect. Therefore, there should be some sound reflection in the private room, for example, the design of the hard floor, the design of the wall using the imposition of the wood, can solve the situation of insufficient reverberation.

This can be combined with a hidden three-base color lamp to form a combination of light refraction.

(5) It is best to use a double-glazed glass door for the sound-insulating glass door that handles each door and window. The doors of each room should be soundproofed, usually made of multi-layer wood, with sound-absorbing materials on the outside, and leather-coated materials, plus positioning nails.

(6) Reasonable layout of the speakers, which can reduce mutual interference. The general design is that the adjacent two rooms of the private room are hanged with back-to-back design, while reducing the back panel of the speaker to touch the wall, which is convenient for wiring and power supply. It can also reduce the interference of sound.

(7) Handling the crosstalk of the pipeline part and interfering with the interference of the air conditioning duct and the exhaust duct are particularly obvious. It is necessary to deal with the firm strength of the pipe installation site, and at the same time, consider the sealing degree of the contact part.

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