What Kind Of Seat Is Good For You?

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Suzhou Bonwell health experts said that in daily life, chairs and people get along day and night, their high and low, soft and hard, backrest angle and other factors have a direct impact on people's lumbar, only the right chair, in order to protect the lumbar, reduce the burden on the lumbar, reduce waist Muscle strain or lumbar disc herniation occurs. So, what kind of seat is good for you?

    1. In line with the principles of human biomechanics. Where possible, chairs with armrests can be selected to support the elbows and relieve pressure on the waist. The seat height of the seat should be slightly smaller than the length of the calf, that is, the legs can be naturally placed on the ground when sitting, neither suspended nor too flexed, and the knee joint is naturally flexed by about 90°.

    2. Soft and hard cushions and backs should be moderate. Different backrest angles, different pressures on the lumbar intervertebral disc, the backrest angle reaches 90°, and the lumbar intervertebral disc is under no pressure. When the backrest angle reaches 110°, a cushion is lining the lumbar spine. The pressure on the lumbar disc can be minimized.

    In addition, the purchase of cars should also pay attention to the selection of seats, which is like people buying shoes, must pay attention to comfort. Some car's loader seats look beautiful with colors and fabrics, but they are not necessarily suitable for drivers. Many patients with low back disease have driving experience. Before sitting in a car, the driver should be back to the seat, tighten the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks, bend his knees, and slowly sit in. Get out of the car, in the reverse order. Sitting in front of the steering wheel, tilt slightly forward, so that the knee is slightly higher than the thighs, and the waist touches the seat. Do not turn back. For comfort, place a cushion on the back. At the same time, take a two-hour drive to get some activities.


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