What Materials Are There In The Car Seat Cover?

- Jul 09, 2018 -

Ice silk

Ice silk is also called rayon, viscose, viscose filament. It is made from cotton linters as the raw material. Therefore, ice silk is more pure than cotton fiber and wood fiber. Among several mainstream fibers, the moisture content of ice silk is most in line with the physiological requirements of human skin. It has the characteristics of smooth, cool, breathable, anti-static and colorful. Ice silk has the essence of cotton and the quality of silk.


Flax is an important raw material for the hemp textile industry. Its fiber is strong, soft and has good color. Flax fiber is strong, not easy to rot in water, and has waterproof effect. In addition, it has the unique advantages of friction resistance, high temperature resistance, fast heat dissipation, low dust absorption rate, not easy to tear, not easy to burn, no static electricity, high acid and alkali resistance. It is the textile raw material of choice for the pursuit of green environmental protection, and is known as the “Queen” in natural fiber. The characteristics of linen: 1. The cool and breathable linen has natural permeability and is called "breathing fiber" by people's image. 2. Natural antibacterial flax fiber can produce a faint scent, combined with a unique fiber structure, can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria. 3. Eliminate static electricity. Among all kinds of textile fibers, linen is the fiber with the smallest electrostatic induction coefficient, which can effectively eliminate static electricity. 4. Anti-ultraviolet flax contains hemicellulose, which makes the ultraviolet light absorbed by cellulose, is not easy to directly irradiate to the human body, and plays the role of anti-magnetic, anti-radiation and skin protection.

Gold velvet

Gold velvet is a single layer of velvet fabric which is processed by the velvet method and is woven by mulberry silk and viscose. The mulberry silk is used for the ground and the ground, and the velvet is a light-adhesive rubber. Gold velvet is a high-grade silk fabric with soft and elastic texture, soft color, and thick fluff. Mainly used for women's clothing, skirts and clothing edging, etc., used in car seat covers soft and comfortable.


Spandex is an elastic fiber, formerly known as fiber K. The special composition makes it have good elasticity and can be extended to 5 times to 8 times of the original length, and can be completely restored after removing the external force. In the manufacture of car seat covers, worsted cotton plus lycra fabric is the most suitable fabric for car seat covers. Pure cotton guarantees breathable comfort and natural texture. Lycra enhances breathable comfort and provides sufficient elasticity and washing. Degree, to ensure that after washing and long-term use, no deformation, this cotton can not be done. The fine craftsmanship and chic design make the ride comfortable and gentle, feel delicate and soft, and resistant to dirt and abrasion.

Peach skin

The peach skin product is a faux leather fabric developed after the artificial suede product, which is a thin fabric composed of ultrafine fibers. The fine sanding finishing in the dyeing and finishing process produces a short covering of about 0.2 mm on the surface of the fabric, like the surface of the peach, with a novel and elegant appearance and a comfortable hand. The peach skin is soft and elegant, giving consumers a sense of novelty compared with artificial suede, which is suitable for people's curious consumer psychology.


The sandwich is a synthetic fiber, which is mainly used for car covers, sportswear, bags, etc., and is durable and durable. The surface is mesh (larger circular mesh), and there is a dense mesh underneath, so that the surface of the mesh is not too deformed, which enhances the fastness and color of the fabric. The mesh effect makes the car cover more modern and sporty! The middle of the fabric is compounded with a thin sponge, which makes the fabric more full and elastic, and has a comfortable sitting; the bottom layer of the fabric is combined with a non-woven fabric and has a water lock function. Even if the liquid is poured on the car cover, it can be kept for a long time without directly penetrating the surface of the seat. It has a very practical protection function for the original seat made of cotton and linen fabric!



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