What Should Be Considered When Installing A Gas Spring For A Vehicle?

- Sep 28, 2018 -

The gas spring for the vehicle is generally installed in the back door of the car, mainly for assisting the car to open or close the door. However, in the process of installation, some aspects need to be considered, and the installation cannot be performed blindly. What are the specific aspects? analyse as below.

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1. Confirm the center position of the hinge of the back door hinge

The data that has been completed should be verified before the design of the back door gas spring installation. It must be confirmed whether the two hinges of the back door are coaxial; whether the back door is in interference with the surrounding body during the whole process of rotating along the hinge axis; whether the gas spring installation space is sufficiently reserved.

2. Determine the total mass of the back door and the position of the center of mass

The total mass of the back door is the sum of the masses of the components consisting of metal and non-metal materials. Including the back door gilt, the back door glass, the rear wiper system, the license plate light and the decorative panel, the rear license plate, the back door lock and the back door trim panel. Under the premise of knowing the density of components, the weight and centroid coordinate points can be automatically calculated using CATIA's measurement inertia command.

3. Determine the position of the gas spring on the mounting point on the back door

Here, the installation point of the gas spring theoretically refers to the center of rotation of the ball end at both ends of the gas spring. When the gas spring is installed, the piston is generally above and the piston rod is below. The connection between the gas spring and the inner panel of the door must be made by a bracket mounted on the inner panel of the rear door to allow the outer diameter of the piston and the space for movement. The inner side of the inner panel of the door must have a reinforcing nut plate for mounting the gas spring bracket. The strength of the rear door nut plate and the bracket and the rigidity of the back door must meet the requirements of the large force of the gas spring. The mounting position of the gas spring on the bracket is the position of the upper mounting point of the gas spring. The position of the position from the center of the hinge shaft affects the supporting force required by the gas spring. Under the condition of a certain load moment, the size is reduced by 10%. The support force will increase by more than 10%, and the stroke of the gas spring will also change. The design goal should be to minimize the support force required for the gas spring under the premise that the back door opening degree and the back door are easy to access, because the excessive support force will increase the manufacturing cost of the gas spring and the back door stiffness. Claim.

4. Determine the opening angle of the back door

The opening of the back door is determined based on an ergonomic analysis. At present, there is no regulation on the height of the ground from the back door to the lower edge of the door. According to the convenience of people standing on the ground, when the design is opened to a large position, the height of the lower part of the back door should be about 1800mm from the ground to determine the opening angle of the back door. This design is based on the fact that it is necessary to consider that the person's head does not easily touch the lower part of the lower back door, and that the hand can easily reach the handle when the door is closed. Due to the difference in height and structure of the body, the opening angle of the back door of each model is also different, which is roughly between 100° and 110° from the vertical direction. At the same time, the large opening angle of the back door should be less than the large opening angle that the hinge can reach; the gas spring runs to the end of the stroke and has a buffer mechanism to avoid damage of the component.

5. Establish three-dimensional digital model of gas spring and design of installation connection

According to the existing basic parameters of the gas spring and the selected gas spring specification, the gas spring 3D digital model is established. The expression content should include the gas spring shape, the motion stroke relationship, the structural form of the two ends, the ball movement relationship, and the bolt. The connection styles of the two ends of the gas spring are different. The design is based on the installation location and the specifications of the selected supplier. There are mounting brackets on both ends, and one end is directly fixed to the vehicle body. Either way, it must be verified during the design of the back door movement that the ball head of the gas spring must be free to rotate and there must be no interference. If this happens, make the center position of the gas spring ball head unchanged, adjust the angle of the gas spring bolt mounting surface to meet the needs of the movement.

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