What Should You Pay Attention To When Planning The Picture In The Theater And Auditorium?

- Aug 14, 2018 -

Currently, theater theaters and performance classes are usually part of the middle school and university teaching content, so the campus theater is used for both teaching and performance. Therefore, schools and communities use the theater for other activities. Such as concerts, gatherings, speeches, conferences and even exams and sports. However, most schools hope that the theater will have a single function and good technical facilities.

   Multi-function halls, as a type of theater that used to be common in the past, the previously designed theater chairs and auditorium chairs are increasingly unable to meet people's expectations. There are many versatile space problems, not only because different performances have different physical characteristics, but also the frequent conversion of theater forms requires a lot of time and human resources. Therefore, it is better to consider several schemes so that each scheme Can satisfy a certain performance condition, not a multi-functional space that cannot satisfy any performance. Campus theaters may prefer a flexible studio, but may also like traditional theaters that hold the stage and seats.

   The renderings of each auditorium and cinema chair must not only have a studio plan, but the studio needs a flat semi-elastic floor with a ceiling of at least 5M. The top of the space has a ceiling to hang various lamps and each A variety of technical equipment, with large screen tracks, can be turned into a black box theater when necessary, and a flexible seat system can provide different viewing relationships. Many times, the ability to use outdoor natural light is a valuable resource, such as teaching and rehearsing, to avoid wasting energy resources, but all windows must be able to provide effective shading for the show. Have enough space to store the auditorium equipment that is not suitable. Usually the number of auditorium chairs is between 80 and 150 people.

 Some of the more traditional theatre spaces are a fixed stage that provides better technical support for the stage area. There are usually no towers, but there are some manual or electric suspension equipment, such as curtains and booms. The seat is available in both fixed and movable styles. The more common one is the telescopic seat, which can be retracted to make the theater a large, flat teaching space or other active space. This style of theater generally has a capacity of between 250 and 350 people. Try not to imagine building an oversized hall for a speech or concert, because the effect will be greatly reduced.

   It is also important to be able to engage students in theatre technical activities (such as lighting, sound and beauty), which requires adequate consideration, especially in terms of safety, for high-altitude lighting, lighting and grille passages. Anti-drop protection system. A well-equipped theatre may be welcomed by amateur and professional teams, and may also be part of local art festivals and cultural projects.

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