Where Is The Key To The Design Of The Auditorium Chair?

- Aug 21, 2018 -

Nowadays, people are sitting at their desks for more and more time. Most office workers have cervical problems like this. Therefore, it is necessary for office workers to choose a comfortable auditorium chair.

Everyone knows that electromagnetic radiation damages human immune cells. When the human body is in contact with the power supply, one meter of isolation can be normalized to zero, in order to achieve no damage to human immune cells. The multi-function auditorium chair is tested to the zero state with an electromagnetic radiation tester and will not harm any immune cells in the human body. As for whether the effect of the intelligent health massage chair can be visually proved, it can be detected on the spot by using a special electromagnetic radiation detector.

The multi-function auditorium seat adopts the far-infrared system; the release wavelength is 5-15VM, and the "resonance effect" occurs in the deep part of the human body and the tissue cells to achieve obvious health care and auxiliary treatment effects. It is easy to use and truly where it is used. Far-infrared heating keeps the cold and heats evenly and quickly. It can reach 38 degrees in one minute. It is beneficial to human health, promotes metabolism, improves microcirculation, and can continuously release negative ions during heating. It purifies the air; there is no dryness and sultry feeling during heating. The comfort of heating is very good, low-temperature radiation penetration, far-infrared physiotherapy, high safety, no fire hazard, the human penetration reaches 5 cm.

The design function and principle of the multi-purpose auditorium chair is to make the office family away from the sub-health state, and the office family has a healthy body.

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