Which Car Leather And Leather Do You Choose? Understand

- Sep 03, 2018 -

Microfiber is a microfiber, belonging to textiles, and is an artificial leather. The leather is intended to be made of animal skin.

no. Professional testing methods and instructions see below

Leather refers to natural leather, which is processed from animal skin. Fake leather refers to synthetic leather or other products that look like leather and are actually synthesized by chemical raw materials. Since the advent of synthetic leather, it has been simulated to imitate natural leather. After years of hard work, it has been very close to natural leather in various characteristics, especially in appearance, which is almost difficult to distinguish.

The structure of the leather is very complicated, and it is still difficult or even impossible to artificially imitate it. Although fake leather is sometimes "inaccurate", but with the identification method, the true and false leather can be distinguished:

1. Look: Firstly, it should be distinguished from the pattern and pores of the leather. On the surface of the natural leather, the pattern and pores can be seen and the distribution is uneven. The reverse side has animal fibers, and the side sections are clearly distinguishable. The lower layer There are animal fibers, the fingernails will be scratched and the leather fibers will rise up, and there will be a feeling of napping. A small amount of fiber can also fall off, while the synthetic leather can see the fabric on the reverse side, and there is no animal fiber on the side. Generally, the epidermis has no pores, but Some have artificial fur pores, there are some obvious pores, some patterns are not obvious, or there are more regular artificial patterns, and the pores are quite consistent. The shape of natural leather is irregular, the thickness is not uniform, and the surface tends to be more or less, or light or heavy, and there are some natural defects. The surface is smooth and meticulous, and the general abdomen is slack. There are obvious pores and patterns, and there are usually piles in the leather. The synthetic leather has a uniform thickness, a smooth surface, no natural defects, and its pores and patterns are also uniform, and the leather is generally free of piles.

For finished leather products, it is difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake leathers, especially for small-sized, compact structures and invisible leather products. The method for distinguishing such products is:

 (1) look at the appearance first, the texture is uniform, no disability, There is no rough grain, no artificial defects may be artificial leather; and the texture of real leather has some differences, especially the difference between the main part and the secondary part of the leather product should be obvious; 

(2) carefully observe the pore distribution And its shape: natural leather holes are too deep and not suitable for bottoming, slightly inclined; and the pores may be vertical and vertical may be synthetic leather modified leather. 

(3) From the cross-section, the cross-section fibers of natural leather have their own characteristics, and the thickness of each layer varies. The fibers of the synthetic leather are basically uniform, and the surface layer is in the form of a plastic film.

2, touch: leather touch by hand, smooth, soft, full, elastic, bending the leather face down about 90 degrees will appear natural wrinkles, respectively, bending different parts, resulting in the thickness of the crease, how much, there are Obvious unevenness, basically can be considered that this is the dermis, because the real leather has a natural uneven fibrous structure, so the wrinkle pattern formed also has obvious unevenness. However, the synthetic synthetic leather has a blemish, a rigid plate, a poor softness, a hand feel like a plastic, and a poor recovery, and the thickness of the fold is similar.

3, sniffing: natural leather has a very strong fur smell, even after treatment, the taste is more obvious, and artificial leather products, there is a plastic taste, no fur taste.

4. Other testing methods

Drip test: The obvious water absorption is natural leather, and vice versa may be artificial leather.

Tensile and elastic test: Natural leather has good elasticity and tension, and vice versa is artificial leather.

Insufflation test: It can be aligned with the back side of the leather with mouth water blowing, and there is leakage on the front side. It is precisely because the leather has this kind of “reverse performance”. When you put on the leather, the cold-proof effect is very obvious, and it is very Good breathability, which fully reflects the value of the leather.

Combustion identification method: mainly to smell the smell and look at the ash state. When the natural leather burns, it will emit a smell of burnt hair. The burnt ash is generally broken into powder, while the artificial leather is more prosperous after burning. The shrinkage is rapid, and there is a smell of plastic that is hard to smell. It is sticky after burning and will harden into a block after cooling.

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