Which Parts Of The Long-distance Bus Seat Structure Consist Of?

- Jun 13, 2018 -

The seat structure mainly consists of a seat frame, an adjustment mechanism, an elastic element, a seat cushion, a backrest, a headrest, and a skin covering the surface.

The seat frame and the seat support member are generally made of steel pipes. From the perspective of lightweight design, they are also made of materials such as aluminum alloys and reinforced plastics.

Adjustment mechanism; The seat adjustment mechanism is fixed on the seat frame to realize various adjustment functions of the seat so as to ensure that the driving position is achieved. The adjustment function includes: the seats are up, down, forward and rear; the front, front, and rear of the seat cushion are adjusted; the rear of the seat cushion is adjusted up and down; the backrest is inclined. Angle adjustment, lumbar support; torso side support adjustment; headrest up and down and before and after adjustment. As a result, this type of seat satisfies the needs of different types of drivers and comfort driving requirements.

Elastic elements; leaf springs or spiral springs that are mounted on the seat frame to improve the cushioning of the seat and support the seat cushion and backrest.

Seats, backrests; Buffers that are integrally formed from plastic materials, form the seat, and provide cushioning. Special attention is paid to the fact that the overall molded cushion body has different densities at different locations and therefore has different elasticities.

Headrest; A member of a seat to support the head, consisting of a support and a buffer body.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the research on seat performance, Suzhou Bonwell has made great progress in seat structure, use of materials, adjustment mechanism and function.

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