Which Toyota Seine Seat Modification Plant In China Is Reliable?

- May 26, 2018 -

Suzhou Bonwell Co., Ltd. actively implements the development strategy of “close to the market, series of research and development, and meticulously-built”. With a retro design concept, it has built a European-style fashion appearance; with superb modern technology, it focuses on the luxurious interior of Oriental culture. The remodeled RV, bedroom, recreation area, kitchen, bathroom, set comfortable sleep, rich diet, enjoy the shower in one, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the comfort of home; sofa, wine cabinets, handmade solid wood cabinets, cabinets , refrigerators, televisions, home theaters, all-inclusive, while away from the hustle and bustle of the city, allowing you to enjoy the urban lifestyle; on-board desks, computer systems, aviation seats, seamless integration of high-tech, noble and elegant to meet the diversity Business needs; electric massage, LED reading lights, ambient lights, intimate close care, health and health in it.


  • Overseas Service Center Luxury Auto Seats With New Style/Business Car Chair With Electric Footrest And Heater
  • Outdoor Recliner Lounge Foldable Beach Deck Chair
  • Outdoor White Plastic Rest Leisure Sun Bath Chair
  • Medical Sleeping Bed Turn Into Chair
  • Plastic Seat with Soft Cushion Handle for Public Transport Airport Ferry Bus
  • VIP Rotating Seat with Electrical Adjuster Massager, Legrest for Commercial Van Mini Bus

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