Why Is Aluminum Alloy Not Used To Make Ships?

- Jul 13, 2018 -

It is not that aluminum alloys must be used to make ships. The aluminum alloys we refer to are just some simple aluminum alloys. Boat aluminum alloys like 5083, 5052, 5754 and some like the 6000 series are approved by DNV, CCS are aluminum alloy shipbuilding, high strength, strong corrosion resistance. In reality, aluminum alloy shipbuilding is not as much as steel. It is mainly because the welding of an aluminum alloy is more difficult than steel, and the cost of aluminum alloy is high. These are buried in aluminum alloy, environmentally friendly, light in weight, and in use cycle. Long advantages.

The density of the aluminum alloy is small, the hull is too light, and the wind and wave resistance is poor. It is not suitable for large ships, but small yachts are available.


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