Why Is The Car Seat Heating Configuration Generally More Than Seat Ventilation?

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Let's look at how it works.

Car seat heating

Seat heating principle is simple, do a full of resistance heating wire, and suture in the car seat cover, through to the heating resistance wire electricity for heating, make the seat heats up in a short time; By temperature sensors are installed in electric heating pad, you can monitor the seat temperature changes, to control the power of the heating wire and power outages, keep the seat heating temperature in a suitable range.

Car seat ventilation

Seat ventilation is through on the back seat cushion and backrest foam increase fan, fan in air after import layer ventilation, air flow upward from the ventilation layer surface infiltration again after a heating pad to make the surface (make is to use perforated leather), make the crew in hot weather conditions can be used to disperse the hips back sweat ventilation function, bring comfort to the passengers.

Ventilation compared with seat heating of the internal structure is more complicated, need to be on the car seat cushion and backrest respectively increased ventilation system, use the fan in air import after the ventilation layer, then after a punch on the face of the seat, can through the ventilation airflow layer upward seepage, blow to the seating surface. In order to allow the location of the fan the potential need to change the internal structure of the seat, and fan noise and vibration, ventilation rate, cooling rate and other issues also need to consider the factors, ventilation seat foam and trim also needs special structure to meet the demand of ventilation, complex structure and low cost is now the biggest cause of ventilation rate is lower than the seat heating.

It seems that car seat ventilation is a lot more complicated than the seat heating. Therefore, seat ventilation is still a relatively luxurious configuration in the present moment when seat heating is almost universal.

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