Why Should The Design Of The Car, The Seat Of The Train Neck?

- Jun 29, 2018 -

The comfort of high-speed train seats depends on the seat's natural frequency, bearing capacity, function settings, and modeling. Comfort can be subdivided into static comfort and dynamic comfort. The former is mainly related to dimensions, parameters, surface quality, adjustment characteristics, etc. The latter is mainly related to vibration, noise, temperature, humidity, illumination and other dynamic indicators of vehicle operation. The posture of the human body in the static state is determined by the distance between adjacent joints (also called linearity) and the angle of each joint. For adults, the linearity is generally stable and the joint angle can be changed.

Then, why didn't we sit comfortably? Because sitting is wrong! Within its variable range, there is an optimal interval within which muscles and connective tissue around the joints relax, that is, within this interval, people are less prone to fatigue; but even healthy people who maintain a sitting position for a long period of time will Feel back, waist, hips, and thigh fatigue, and even pain. ......Distraction of gravity, avoidance of excessive local force, or constant exchange of sitting postures, so that each part of the tissue rotates, the above discomfort can be eliminated or reduced. Therefore, the passenger needs to freely change the sitting posture while seated The design, use style, function, and reasonable posture' design have become important indicators of ride comfort. Comfortable experiments and objective assessments can be performed through body pressure distribution measurements and seat physical characteristics.


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