You Can Make Your Car Seat And Holster Look Like New With Just A Few Tricks. Do You Know?

- Sep 14, 2018 -

What sees someone else's car car seat holster is very clean, and then look at their own, is it dirty to die? How to do it? Here are a few tips to make your car seat and holster look like new!

You can make your car seat and holster look like new with just a few tricks. Do you know?

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 [1] When encountering beverage stains such as coffee, cola, ice cream, etc., first use a paper towel to blot the water of the stain, then use 1 part of ammonia water with a concentration of 10% and 10 parts of water to prepare a dilute aqueous ammonia solution, and use this solution to wipe Rub, stubborn stains are wiped with a 3% aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide. Finally, rinse the chemicals with clean water and immediately blot the water with a cloth.

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 [2] When the chewing gum sticks to the car carpet, you should first place a pile of ice on the gum and wait a few minutes for the gum to harden. Next, the hardened chewing gum can be carefully peeled off. Then use a rag to rub the gasoline to remove the remaining chewing gum. Finally, wiping with soapy water removes residual gasoline.


You can make your car seat and holster look like new with just a few tricks. Do you know?

[3] If the shoes are accidentally stepped on the oil stains and remain on the carpet in the car, first clean the cleaned oil with a rag. Then we poured some petrol on the oil and wiped it off with a rag. Finally, dry the gasoline with a cloth and let the remaining gasoline evaporate.

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