Auditorium Chair Fabric Cleaning Coup

- May 16, 2018 -

Auditorium Chairs There are many people coming and going, so the maintenance of auditorium chairs is a very important issue. Auditorium chairs are too cumbersome to clean, and time is lost. Attention should be paid to the maintenance of auditorium chairs and theater chairs. Different maintenance methods should be used depending on the material of the chair surface. If it is a leather chair, wipe it with a soft dry cloth. Allow chemicals, such as petroleum alcohol or thinner, to drip onto the chair, as this can cause deterioration of the chair's appearance and appearance. Wipe the soft cloth with warm water and appropriate detergent, wring it in a tapping manner, wipe it gently with a dry cloth, and allow it to dry naturally.



    If the auditorium chair is stained with drink water, it can be wiped off with a paper towel, wipe gently with a warm water-based detergent, and then dry with a clean cloth. Dry at low temperatures.



    When the fabric chair surface is covered with dust, just gently pat it or use a vacuum cleaner to sift it. When it touches the granules, it can be brushed with a soft brush.



    Auditorium chairs, theater chairs and other leather chair general maintenance as long as the use of clean soft fabric gently wipe the leather surface. You can also use a neutral cleaning solution to wipe, do not rub hard to make the surface more beautiful as new. In the case of long-term fouling, the ideal way to clean the auditorium is to use a mild detergent (1% to 3%) diluted in warm water to wipe it first, then wring out the cleaning solution with a wrung clean cloth, and finally dry cloth. After polishing, use a proper amount of leather care agent and wipe evenly.



    When the stainless steel auditorium chairs are stained with stains, they can be wiped off. Special stainless steel products are also available on the market.



    When the seat is reclining, if there is abnormal sound, you can use the lubricating fluid spray around the axis of the joints or springs and other places to eliminate noise. The wheelchair is rubbed on the ground and is easily covered with dust and dirt. It is necessary to remove the dander from the chair wheel regularly and use a spray to protect the chair wheel. This ensures that the chair wheel slides more smoothly.



    Aluminum alloy material in the surface treatment can be divided into four kinds, electroplating, polishing and baking paint processing. Surface treatment with electroplating, anode and paint treatment, the maintenance is relatively simple, usually just use a cleaning agent with a cotton cloth to wipe. The latter aluminum alloy polishing process is relatively easy to oxidize, and it can be wiped with a cleaning cloth at ordinary times during maintenance. If you produce oxidation, you can buy special aluminum alloy skin care products and clean it once every quarter.



    Chromium plating material is very simple in terms of maintenance, use a cloth wipe with a cleaner can always be bright and beautiful.

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