Bus Seat Development And Design?

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Bus seats Many people are very interested in the development and design process of RV seats. In fact, the development and design of RV seats are determined through rigorous calculations and scientific data. Their structures must conform to the normal human body. Construction, but also to meet the needs of people of different body sizes as much as possible, which brings great difficulty to the design of the RV seat, but our designers overcome one problem and eliminate all difficulties. , Designed a RV chair with a beautiful and comfortable today. Today Xiao Bian came to introduce you to the design of the RV seat.

To understand the design of the RV seat, we must first understand what is the H point. The so-called H point refers to a connection point between the human body's trunk and the human body's thigh in a model of a two-dimensional or three-dimensional human model, which is what we call the "defect". Designing the H point is just a design reference point in the general layout of the car. The H point we are relying upon is a composite design of 95% of the male mannequin, which means that this data is in line with the basics of most people. The final request of our design, the body's requirements, is to make the seat's level and vertical lift.

There is also a value that is the actual H point, that is, the driver or rider is seated on the hip after the body position. In the process of redesigning our car seats, we passed countless trials and trials, and left behind our final product.

The step of designing a car seat is to first confirm the three coordinates of the seat, that is, the position of the seat and the other accessories in the car; then, by positioning the market and function of the seat, according to the relevant Standards improve the seats; the final step is to confirm the structure of the seats, fabrics, and color matching information. After the data is obtained, we can make seats.


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