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- May 25, 2018 -

Place of Origin: Jiangsu Suzhou Bonwell Co., Ltd.

Model Number: BW-C-33

Applicable models: buses, commercial vehicles, passenger cars, minibuses, school buses, modified cars, trucks, cranes, ships, etc.

Type: engineering vehicle seat car seat truck seat train seat modified car seat crane seat

           Tower crane seats Ships ship seats Bus seats Car seats

● Train sleeper folding seat

90° automatic rebound

When using it, turn it down by hand and sit on it

After the person leaves the seat, the seat cushion automatically recoils and the installation wall surface is vertical

Can bear 120kg


  • Easy Folding Baby Kids Dinner Chair
  • Classroom Desks and Chair for Child School Student
  • Student Study Desks and Chair for School Classroom
  • Sport Racing Car Seat Double Cushion
  • Toyota Mini Van Vinyl Bus Recliner Passenger Seat
  • VIP Rotating Seat with Electrical Adjuster Massager, Legrest for Commercial Van Mini Bus

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